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With summer at its height, it can be difficult to get around without being exposed too much to the sun. Though sunlight can be beneficial by helping your body produce vitamin D, the ultraviolet in it can damage your skin if you are exposed to it for a long time. Brown blotches appear on your face as your skin triggers the release of melanin in an effort to protect your skin. The problem is that they tend to dot your previously creamy skin. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat the sun damage. One of the most effective options is to use intense pulsed light therapy or IPL.

What Is IPL?

A lot of people assume that intense pulsed light uses lasers to do its work. However, laser treatments and IPL use different equipment to do essentially the same thing: to directly affect the skin using high-intensity light. The difference is in the intensity of the light used. Lasers are very powerful and are quite damaging; you’ll actually have a lot of downtime when you undergo a treatment. IPL is lower in intensity and you can reasonably go for a session and come out immediately looking great. The other thing is flexibility: IPL equipment can select different wavelengths, where lasers are limited to specific ones. This lets specialists treat a variety of conditions.

What can it Treat?

So what exactly can IPL help you with? As the light penetrates your dermis and heats the cells, it stimulates them to produce collagen, which results in fresher looking skin. Other conditions that may require IPL are rosacea—a condition where the capillaries in your face and cause redness—scar marks, and age spots. IPL can even remove unwanted hair at higher settings, working like laser hair removal. Overall, when done correctly, IPL can improve skin texture, reduce discoloration, reduce pore size, and remove fine lines and small wrinkles.

How to Prepare

The preparation for getting IPL is pretty hassle-free. You’ll need to consult with specialists like those at Female Rejuvenation Center to see if you’re a good candidate for the treatment. People with darker skin don’t benefit as much, while those undergoing medication or are pregnant may want to delay the process after their condition. Your specialist will probably advise you to avoid the sun for a few days and develop a treatment plan specific to you before you come in to get the best results.

Trust the Pros

IPL is an excellent cosmetic treatment. However, it can still be unsafe. Find experts to apply the treatment to you to get the best results.


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