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Female Rejuvenation Center is the brainchild of renowned Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Sara Lea Salas. We are located at Tijuana, Baja California, and we first opened our doors to business just last year, 2014. Yet despite being a new player in the medispa arena , we can honestly say that we’ve skyrocketed our way to the top and become a premier provider of skin and body care treatments in Baja California. Just ask any of our Baja Beauty Ambassadors!

Our Founder

Dr. Sara Lea Salas is a General Medicine degree holder from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC). Studying later at the Dermatologist Institute of Jalisco “Dr. José Barba Rubio”, she was able to receive her Specialty in Dermatology, and became certified by the Mexican Board of Dermatology soon after. Dr. Salas personally tests and evaluates the various procedures, equipment, tools, and products we use in our facility to ensure they are always of the highest quality.

Our Facility

Female Rejuvenation Center places great emphasis on patient safety, as well as making sure our facility is well-equipped, advanced, and provides the highest level of care. Men and women trust the quality of care we afford at our facility. Patients have come from all over just to experience the difference that Female Rejuvenation Center can give.

Our Staff

The professional therapists we have at Female Rejuvenation Center are well-trained and seasoned in a wide range of spa, massage, and skin/body care modalities. Their vast knowledge and experience radiates from their expert hands as they deliver a personalized spa session to meet patients’ particular needs. Dr. Salas, along with the Female Rejuvenation Center staff, make it a point to religiously attend national/international conferences and advanced training workshops so that we can continue to provide patients with the latest and best in the world of skin care.

Female Rejuvenation Center is committed to serving our patients with a warm, sincere, and professional approach. We plan to be around for a very long time, always doing what’s in the patient’s best interest. Please call us at 1-855-999-8123 or 619-870-1317 US/Canada or MEX, 664-634-1096 if you want to ask about our services or schedule an appointment. We are ready to provide you the complete, personalized, and unique treatments your body and skin needs.

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Is It Safe To Travel To Tijuana?

Recent Posts Is It Safe To Travel To Tijuana? I’ve known Dr. Sara for...
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