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So the sun’s up on the beach and the prospect of a tan excites you? Well, a sun-kissed skin may look great but not when you learn that long-term sun exposure can cause your skin to age prematurely. This may not sound new but perhaps science can persuade you to think twice before you lounge on the beach under the hot sun.

First, don’t take the wrong message: Sun exposure has its health benefits. One most of us are familiar with is Vitamin D, which is essential for bone, teeth health and immune system. As it’s said, however, too little or too much of anything can still be potentially dangerous. An article by the Reader’s Digest Best Health Blog, for example, shows the image of a man with photoaging (dermatoheliosis) caused by excessive UV exposure. The man was a truck driver for 28 years, whose half face was consistently exposed to the sun, showing evident chronic wrinkling compared to the other which was protected by the shade. His case earned attention as it shows the great difference sun exposure can do to the skin.

Wrinkles, discoloration and textural changes are just a few of the premature ageing effects of sun damage. The skin loses the ability to retain moisture and develops thicker outer layers as defense from excessive heat, leading to wrinkles. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner, making it susceptible to tears, grazes and blisters. Over-activity of the melanocytes (tanning cells) triggered by sun exposure can result to brown freckles, white marks and lesions.

You can reduce sun damage through protective clothing, limited sun exposure, and by using broad-spectrum sunscreen. However, if your skin is already heavily-damaged by the sun why not try CO2 laser resurfacing? This type of treatment is an advanced method used by qualified dermatologists to remove dead skin cells on the skin’s surface for a renewed youthful glow.

The technology works by vaporizing the dead skin cells using concentrated beams of light. The tiny holes the beams bore on the skin stimulate the body’s natural renewal mechanism to work faster in replacing the dead skin cells during recovery. Tijuana CO2 laser resurfacing is available in full-service medical spas like Baja Medi Spa.


News: Don’t believe the sun causes premature aging? You will now. Reader’s Digest Best Health Blog

Blame the sun for your visible wrinkles: UV rays account for 80 per cent of skin ageing, Daily Mail

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Is It Safe To Travel To Tijuana?

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